Our General English courses aim to improve your ability to use English by developing your core language skills – speaking, listening, writing and reading. These courses are best designed to  develop abilities to make use of the grammar in own writing English. Aiming for students to understand the meaning of English passages and develop interest in reading English passages/ literatures.Under this skills programme they would develop self study habit.This course enhances competencies in writing essays and gist of the passage in own words/ language. Gradually, students develop their insight and favorable attitude towards English language. which finally leads to developing the understanding about rules of grammar and their use in writing English.

A choice of study hours is available, so students can adopt their timings flexibly while doing other activities.

  • General English Course – 15 hours
  • Intensive English Course – 20 hours 
  • Super Intensive English Course – 25 hours 

This course is available in the following locations:



Beginner (CEFR A1) to Advanced (CEFR C1)

Class Hours

15 hours per week, Monday to Friday


Morning or Afternoon*

Course Duration

2 – 45 weeks

Start Date

Any Monday (Tuesday on Public Holidays)

Minimum Age


Class Size

Min 6 – Max 15

Why study General English?
  • to be motivated in  studying English language.
  • To be encouraged for composing and writing essays.
  • To develop the ability for grasping the theme of  English passages.
  • To be encouraged  for writing the meaning or theme of a passage in your own words.
  • To develop the ability of appreciation of ideas and criticizing the thinking.
  • To develop the creativity  related to verbal ability and reasoning or fluency of language.
  • To develop the ability of understanding of other topics.
  • To develop the mastery of language for expressing your  ideas, feelings and experiences.
  • To develop the ability of evaluation and analysis of language components.
  • To develop the values, moral and character of the students.

Your progress is assessed weekly by your home room teacher. You will also have a tutorial every 5 weeks, when you can discuss your progress one-to-one with your tutor.

when you’ve progressed at a specific stage of skill and level, you could be placed on a higher level according to your merit. We usually expect you to spend 10-12 weeks on each level, however, individual output is required to determine that.

Will I get a certificate?

You will get a Modern Language Centre Certificate at the end of your course (provided your attendance is 80% or above).

Our topic based skills classes allow you to practice your speaking, listening, reading and writing in a real-life context. Topics covered include fashion, football and food.

Our proficiency language testing skills based classes allow you to practice your speaking, listening, reading and writing in a real-life context. Be assured that it is one the most competitive English test assessment skill. We offer academic, general and immigration purpose IELTS. If you wish to add a skills session to your course please include it as a requirement in your application.

We Have Qualified Teachers

You will definitely be taught by teachers who are certified to teach the English language, which is why they are able to develop you to your full potential as a confident user of English language .They will train you  by successfully completing professional formation. This is a process that enables you to demonstrate the effective use of skills and knowledge in your professional practice that is required to achieve your status.

We Monitor Your Progress

Throughout your English course, you will have a variety of tutorials with your teacher and weekly tests. Hence your progress will be monitored and recorded so that we can ensure that you are continuously improving.

We Think About Your Learning Needs

We use a wide range of methodologies, technologies, and materials; including ‘real English’ materials, and resources to provide interesting and exciting lessons that meet your needs. We tailor and cater for your demands; that’s why we’re considered to be an integral school.

We Focus on Pronunciation

At MLC we specialise in 3D teaching; meaning we not only focus on grammar and vocabulary, but also on pronunciation. By teaching pronunciation as it occurs naturally.

English Level Chart


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